Cold Front Brings Late-Season Chill

A weak cold front passing through the region this morning will bring cooler weather to the Red River Valley for the second half of the work week, but it will be short lived as a widespread push of milder air develops through the weekend.

Today will bring near-seasonal temperatures to Winnipeg alongside some light snow as a cold front sweeps through this morning. Winds will pick up slightly out of the north behind the front as cooler air begins pushing southwards into the Red River Valley. Despite this, the high temperature should reach around -8°C; the bulk of the cold air will move in tonight as temperatures are set to slump to slightly below-normal -18°C.

This cold air will be in place through Thursday as temperatures struggle to climb to a high near just -13°C, which is well below-normal for this time of year. We should see a fair amount of sun, though, so as long as you haven’t put away your mitts and toque, it will be a relatively nice day. Temperatures will dip down to around -18°C again on Thursday night under partly cloudy skies.

A series of impulses moving in from the Pacific will spread warmer air into the eastern Prairies.

Friday will bring the big swing as the first of several Pacific-sourced systems tracks across the central Prairies. Warmer air will surge eastwards towards Manitoba, producing gusty southerly winds as is typical with transition days from colder to warmer weather in the Red River Valley. They’ll probably strengthen to around 40 km/h with gusts up to 60 km/h, and persist into Saturday morning before tapering off Saturday afternoon. Temperatures will climb, though, eventually reaching a high temperature near -5°C. Along with the warmer weather will come more cloud, with skies clouding over by midday. While any accumulating snow is unlikely, there may be some light snow in the afternoon as the warm front pushes across the Red River Valley.

Skies should mix out a bit on Friday night as temperatures continue near -5°C or even rise slightly towards -3 or -2°C by Saturday morning.

Long Range

Mild weather will remain over southern Manitoba for the weekend, with daytime highs continuing to be above seasonal. By Sunday, the chance for snow will increase as a more significant low pressure system develops across the Northern Plains.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently -5°C while the seasonal overnight low is -15°C.

Arctic Chill Settles Over Prairies

Daytime highs will fall well below-normal for the remainder of the week as a shot of cold Arctic air slumps southwards over the Prairies behind yesterday’s potent low pressure system that brought another blast of snow and blowing snow to the region.

Temperatures will struggle to recover today as Southern Manitoba sees a cooler air mass building in. After a chilly start with temperatures near –28°C, conditions will warm to a high near just –22°C under mixed skies and a light wind. Temperatures will drop back to around –28°C once again tonight under mixed skies.

Forecast 850mb temperatures; the first of two cold shots will push over Manitoba today and tomorrow. The second arrives this weekend.

Thursday will bring mixed skies once again as a weak disturbance moves through the region. Expect daytime highs across the Red River Valley to be similar to Wednesday at around –22°C. Lows will dip to the –28 or –29°C mark on Thursday night with mixed to cloudy skies.

Friday will bring slightly warmer weather with high temperatures near the –19°C mark under mixed skies. Warmer air will continue working in on Friday night, bringing with it cloud cover that will help keep the overnight lows slightly milder at around –24°C.

Long Range

The weekend looks slightly warmer with light winds continuing. Of note, Saturday looks like it will see highs near the –19°C mark, but with sunny skies! The combination of light wind and sun may make it a [relatively] pleasant day despite the cold, all things considered. More cloud moves in Sunday with highs slightly warmer than Saturday.

A fair chance of below-normal temperatures continues for the next 6-10 days across Southern Manitoba.

Next week looks like it will start off significantly milder with high temperatures potentially climbing up to around the –15 to -12°C mark on Monday, but the threat for more snow returns with those warmer temperatures which would then be followed by a plunge back into the Arctic air.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently -13°C while the seasonal overnight low is -23°C.

Here Comes The Deep Freeze

Now that the cleanup is underway after a brutal snowstorm that dumped over a foot of snow across many places in Southern Manitoba and produced white-out conditions that closed a majority of major highways across the region, cold Arctic air will spread southeastwards across the Prairies, bringing below-seasonal temperatures for the first time since mid-October.

Today will be a shockingly cold day with daytime highs of just -17°C as a ridge of Arctic high pressure builds into the region. Skies will be partly cloudy with light winds out of the west to northwest. There will be a slight chance of flurries as light lake-effect snow continues off of Lake Manitoba. Tonight will be very cold with mostly clear skies and a low near -26°C.

This impressively strong Arctic outbreak will send sub-freezing temperatures (blue) all the way to the Gulf of Mexico states.

This weekend will be cold. Saturday will see a high of just -18°C and a low near -25°C. There will be some cloud cover that works its way into the region in the afternoon as a disturbance slides through South Dakota, but other than a chance for some flurries near the US border, shouldn’t cause much weather for us.

Sunday will be a bit of a mixed bag with a few clouds likely in the morning, then some clearing, then increasing cloud as the next system that will affect us approaches. Temperatures will be a bit milder with highs near -16°C, but with winds picking up out of the south to 20-30 km/h, it will feel closer to -25. Sunday night will bring cloudy skies with an increasing chance of snow as temperatures drop just a couple degrees to a low near -18°C.

Long Range

Sunday night’s disturbance will bring a chance for flurries to Southern Manitoba alongside a shot of slightly-below seasonal temperatures, but on the back-side of it another shot of Arctic air will blast southeastwards and plunge temperatures back into the -20’s. Will we see our first -30°C low next week? Time will tell.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently -9°C while the seasonal overnight low is -18°C.

Cool Weather Starts The Week

This week will remain on the cool side as we continue to deal with chilly air flooding down from the north.

Cool air will continue to push down from the north today
Cool air will continue to push down from the north today

This Week

Today will be another cool one in southern Manitoba. High temperatures in the upper single digits are expected with breezy north winds. A weak low pressure system will pass through the region, perhaps bringing a few showers to southern Manitoba. Portions of western Manitoba and the Interlake may receive some heavier precipitation, with periods of light to moderate rain possible. There may even be some snow mixed in, especially as temperatures cool in the evening and after dark.

Tuesday will remain cool, with temperatures once again in the mid to upper single digits across southern Manitoba. Skies will be mainly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower or flurry. Winds will be breezy out of the north at 20 km/h.

Cool weather will continue on Wednesday as high temperatures only climb into the mid single digits. Skies will remain mainly cloudy with a slight chance of showers or flurries. Winds will be westerly at 20 km/h.

Long Range

Medium- to long-range models suggest that above-normal weather may make a come back as we move toward mid-month with temperatures that may begin to climb back to normal or above-normal values by the weekend and continue into next week. This should stave off the risk of any significant snow for the foreseeable future.