Snow Struggles Against Dry Arctic Air

Several waves of snow will try to push into southern Manitoba over the coming days, but they will have to try and overcome dry air near the surface coming from an abnormally strong Arctic high.

A low pressure system building into Alberta today will spread cloud cover eastwards across the Prairies. This cloud will push into Winnipeg through the day, bringing gradually increasing cloud cover. With some sun, temperatures should be able to climb to a high near 4°C. Winds will be a bit of an issue, however, increasing out of the southeast to around 30 km/h. Snow will begin spreading into southwestern Manitoba in the afternoon, then attempting to move into the Red River Valley this evening.

The snow will have a worthy adversary in the form of a large Arctic ridge over Ontario that will supply the Red River Valley with dry air. This will undercut the band of snow, weakening it and significantly slow down its eastward progress. Some light snow will likely arrive in Winnipeg late overnight into Saturday morning. Winds will continue out of the southeast at 20 to 30 km/h. Temperatures will drop to a low near -4°C.

GDPS Normalized Surface Pressure Anomaly valid 18Z Friday March 23, 2018
An unseasonably strong high pressure system over Ontario will undercut the incoming low with drier Arctic air

Saturday will bring a bit of light snow in the morning with southerly winds continuing at around 30 gusting 50 km/h. Snow should taper off by midday, leaving behind cloudy skies. Temperatures will be cooler than Friday with a high near +1°C. A second low pressure system will move into the Prairies on Saturday night, bringing stronger southerly winds of 40 gusting 60 km/h to Winnipeg by early Sunday morning along with some snow. At this point, it looks like a few evening flurries will intensify into accumulating snow through the second half of Saturday night. Temperatures will dip to a low near -2°C.

GDPS Precipitation Type/Rate valid 12Z Sunday March 25, 2018
The GDPS is forecasting a large are of snow to spread across Manitoba on Sunday

Sunday morning should bring accumulating snow to Winnipeg with 2 to 5 cm of snow by the time it tapers off midday. The wind will diminish rather quickly in the morning as the low moves into Manitoba. Temperatures will be near-seasonal with a high near +2°C.

Long Range Outlook

Next week looks like it will bring variable cloudiness to Winnipeg with several chances of light snow. Temperatures will remain more or less near-seasonal, possibly shifting to just slightly below-seasonal in the latter half of the week.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 2°C while the seasonal overnight low is -9°C.

Mild and Cloudy In Advance of Weekend Snow

Winnipeg will see seasonably mild conditions over the next several days with an abundance of cloud cover.

Winnipeg will see the light snow that moved into the region yesterday persist for a few more hours this morning before tapering off. Cloudy skies will remain as temperatures climb to a high near +2°C this afternoon. Winds will stay light through the day. Tonight will bring more cloudy skies with temperatures dipping to a low near -3°C.

Temperatures will climb above 0°C across much of southern Manitoba on Wednesday
Temperatures will climb above 0°C across much of southern Manitoba on Wednesday

With a stagnant pattern in place over Winnipeg on Thursday, the city see similar conditions to Wednesday. Under mostly cloudy skies, temperatures will climb to a high near +3°C with light winds. There may be a few clear patches on Thursday night as temperatures dip to a low near -3°C again. Winds will increase to around 15 km/h by Friday morning.

A more organized disturbance will begin working its way towards Winnipeg on Friday as a large Pacific storm system begins pushing inland. Winnipeg will see mostly cloudy skies with a high near +3°C yet again. Winds, however, will be a bit more noticeable out of the east-southeast near 20 km/h. By late in the day, an area of snow will begin spreading across southwestern Manitoba into the Red River Valley. Winnipeg will likely see a couple cm of snow on Friday night as temperatures drop to a low near -2°C.

Snow is forecast to spread across southern Manitoba on Friday night
Snow is forecast to spread across southern Manitoba on Friday night

Long Range Outlook

Looking ahead to the weekend, Winnipeg will see more of the same with cloudy skies, highs near +3°C, and lows dipping just below freezing. Snow should taper off Saturday morning, then a more significant snowfall of 4 to 8 cm is forecast to move into the region on Sunday.

This second batch of snow is forecast to taper off on Sunday night, followed by gradual clearing in the Red River Valley through the first half of next week. Temperatures will remain relatively mild with highs a few degrees above 0°C and lows dipping a few degrees below.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 1°C while the seasonal overnight low is -9°C.

Cloudy Conditions Continue

Seasonal temperatures will continue in Winnipeg this week, but with plenty of cloud and a bit of light snow.

Winnipeg will remain under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies for the next three days as a train of upper-level disturbances moves through the region. Temperatures will reach a high near -1°C under cloudy skies in Winnipeg today. Some light snow may develop in Winnipeg this afternoon as a weakling upper-level trough moves into Manitoba. The chance for light snow will continue tonight as temperatures dip down to a low near -7°C.

Tuesday will bring more cloudy skies to Winnipeg with a high near 0°C. The Red River Valley will continue to see a chance of light snow as the upper trough exits the province. All snow – if there is any – should taper off on Tuesday night as temperatures head to a low near -7°C.

RDPS 2m Temperature Forecast valid 21Z Tuesday March 20, 2018

Temperatures will climb above the freezing mark in Winnipeg on TuesdayWednesday will bring…more cloud to Winnipeg. Light winds over the coming 3 days will do very little to move the extensive area of cloud out of the region. So, under mostly cloudy skies Winnipeg should reach a high near +1 or +2°C. With more cloud around on Wednesday night, temperatures should dip to a low near -7°C yet again.

Long Range Outlook

Little change is forecast through the remainder of the week. Fairly cloudy conditions will remain in place, but temperatures will warm just a tad with highs climbing into the +3 to 5°C range. The weekend continues the cloudy prognosis, with increasing chances for light snow.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 0°C while the seasonal overnight low is -10°C.

Pleasant Weather Continues

Benign conditions will continue over the next few days as an upper-level ridge continues to bring seasonable temperatures to Winnipeg. Cloud will begin moving in by the end of the weekend, though, as an upper-level low starts working into the region.

Today and tomorrow will both bring a fair amount of sunshine to Winnipeg with high temperatures near close to 0°C. An area of high pressure slowly slumping southwards will give light southerly winds both days. By Saturday afternoon, some cloud cover will begin spreading into the Red River Valley, becoming cloudy for Saturday night. This blanket of cloud will result in warmer overnight lows, bringing Friday’s expected -13°C up to around -8°C.

Daytime highs will climb towards 0°C in the Red River Valley on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday will bring mainly cloudy skies to Winnipeg as a large upper low complex lifts northeastwards into the province. Daytime highs will continue to sit near 0°C, but the lack of sun and northerly winds near 20 km/h will make it feel cooler. Just a slight chance of flurries will accompany the cloud. Temperatures will dip to around -6°C on Sunday night with an increasing chance of flurries.

Long Range Outlook

The beginning of next week looks a bit more unsettled as a series of upper disturbances moves through. Winnipeg and the Red River Valley will likely see snow on Monday with possible amounts of 2 to 5 cm. Some light snow may persist into Tuesday, but then clearing should work back into the region mid-week. Daytime highs are forecast to hover near the 0°C mark through the first half of the week. For those looking for warmer weather, there are some indications that milder conditions with above-zero temperatures may move in through the second half of the week!

So until then, enjoy the cooler but generally pleasant weather ahead!

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently -1°C while the seasonal overnight low is -11°C.