Heat Wave Breaks for Short-Lived Cool Down

Winnipeg will see cooler weather move in today, bringing an end to the heat wave that brought record-setting warmth to the city over the weekend. The relief will be brief, though; daytime highs will climb back into the low 30s on Wednesday.

Winnipeg will see temperatures fall through the day today as a cold front pushes through the region. Cloud cover associated with the front will move in early this morning, bringing mainly cloudy skies for much of the remainder of the day. Winds will increase out of the northwest to 30 gusting 50 km/h midday, keeping temperatures cool with a high of 23°C. The wind will gradually diminish overnight and the cloudy skies should gradually clear. Temperatures will dip down to a low near 9°C.

A high pressure system will move into the region on Tuesday, bringing northerly winds of 10 to 20 km/h and partly cloudy skies. Winnipeg’s high near 22°C will be well below-seasonal for this time of year and a far cry from the 37.5°C seen on Sunday. Temperatures will remain cool on Tuesday night with a low near 11°C and light winds.

“https://www.aweathermoment.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018-08-13-00Z_2018-08-15-00Z_GDPS_sfct_anom_c.ca_c.png”> Winnipeg and the Red River Valley will see daytime highs around 5°C below normal for mid-August[/captio
And that brings an end to the cooler temperatures. The heat returns on Wednesday as another upper-level ridge begins building across the southern Prairies. Winnipeg should see a high near 31°C with winds out of the south-southwest at 20 to 30 km/h. Skies should remain mainly sunny through the day. Expect a low near 17°C on Wednesday night.

Long Range Outlook

The remainder of the week is looking like Winnipeg will continue to see above-normal temperatures with highs in the low 30s through the remainder of the work week. There are some hints that the weekend may bring a return to seasonal temperatures alongside some unsettled conditions, but it looks rather uncertain at this point.

All in all, it looks like a pretty nice stretch of weather coming up with near to slightly above-seasonal highs well into next week.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 25°C while the seasonal overnight low is 12°C.

Possible Record-Breaking Heat Moves Into Southern Manitoba

Winnipeg will [likely] see record-breaking temperatures over the coming 3 days as a heat wave develops over the province.

Winnipeg will be scorching under the influence of a potent upper-level ridge this weekend. This potentially record-breaking warmth will pose a danger to those who have sensitivities to the heat, especially as overnight lows warm up in the low 20s. With little relief from the heat, it will be important to remain hydrated limit outdoor activities as much as possible late in the morning through the afternoon when the sun is at its highest.

So, how hot will it be? Today will be the initial day of significant heat in the region with temperatures increasing to a high near 35°C under sunny skies. Winds will increase to 15-20 km/h this afternoon. Temperatures will remain mild tonight with a low near 19°C.

Saturday will see even more heat build into the region as winds pick up out of the south to around 30 km/h. Temperatures will climb to a high near 36°C under sunny skies. Saturday night will see a very warm low near 23°C. Sunday appears to be even warmer than Saturday with southerly winds of 20 to 30 km/h continuing. Winnipeg should see a high near 37°C. A passing low pressure system on Sunday night will allow slightly cooler air to begin building back into the region. This should allow temperatures to dip to near the 20°C mark on Sunday night.

RDPS 2m Temperature Forecast valid 21Z Saturday August 11, 2018
Hot temperatures in the mid- to upper-30s will be in place across southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Saturday

Fortunately, humidity levels will remain fairly average throughout this event. Strong evapotranspiration may lead to slightly humid conditions in the mornings, but as it quickly warms up the moisture should mix out of the boundary layer and return to more average values. Make no mistakes, though, it’s still going to be extremely hot.

Potential to Break Record Highs

This heat wave will spread significant heat that could potentially break records every day over the coming three days.

Record Temperatures in Winnipeg, MB for August 10-12

DateRecord Maximum TemperatureRecord Warm Minimum Temperature
Aug 1035.2 (1988)20.0 (1947)
Aug 1134.9 (1978)18.9 (1949)
Aug 1235.0 (1972)21.1 (1928)
Record maximum and record warm minimum temperature records for Winnipeg, MB valid as of August 9, 2018

Today will be a close one with daytime highs and overnight lows forecast near the existing records. Both Saturday and Sunday, however, show a strong likelihood of breaking both daytime maximum temperature records as well as record warm overnight lows. These records are derived from ECCC’s official observation database for Winnipeg and are inclusive from 1873-2017.

Long Range Outlook

As mentioned before, a low pressure system with a cold front will move through the region on Sunday night. It looks like the passage of the front will remain dry, but it should bring a return to near to slightly below-seasonal temperatures. Another warm-up into the upper 20s or low 30s is possible in the latter half of next week.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 26°C while the seasonal overnight low is 12°C.

Heat Wave Builds Across Southern Manitoba

Temperatures in Winnipeg will soar for the remainder of the week as a heat wave builds across southern Manitoba.

Winnipeg will see mainly sunny skies over the next few days as a potent upper-level ridge builds into the region. This feature will send temperatures soaring with daytime highs in the low to mid-thirties through the remainder of the week. Dew point values will remain average, so fortunately mugginess won’t come into play with the heat. Overnight lows will remain warm but not excessively so. Winnipeg should see a low near 17°C tonight and increase to a low near 19°C on Friday night.

A potent upper-level ridge will spread well above-seasonal temperatures across the Prairies through the second half of the week.

That said, by Friday into the weekend, several days of highs near 35°C will result in significant heat stress. If you’re sensitive to heat, it would be best to ensure that you’ve prepared as much as you can by the end of the week. The hottest weather will occur Saturday into Sunday with overnight lows even climbing up into the low 20s.

Long Range Outlook

The relief from the heat is forecast to arrive with a cold front passing through on Sunday night. It looks like there’s a small chance of showers or thunderstorms as it moves through. Behind it, seasonal temperatures will return to the region with generally pleasant weather expected through the first half of the week.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 26°C while the seasonal overnight low is 13°C.

Long Stretch Of Summer Heat Arrives This Week

Winnipeg will see a prolonged stretch of very warm temperatures move into the region this week, bringing highs in the 30s for the better part of a week.

Winnipeg will see one more cool day today as a high pressure system moves through. The city should see a below-seasonal high near 23°C under mainly sunny skies. Winds will be light. The high will depart to the southeast tonight, bringing southerly winds of 10 to 20 km/h and a low near 13°C.

On Tuesday, a warm front will push through the region, bringing south-southwest winds in the 20-30 km/h range. Temperatures will soar to a high near 31°C with a few afternoon clouds. There will be a slight chance of a few isolated thunderstorms as the system moves through the region, but it looks like much of that activity should remain north of the Red River Valley in the Interlake. Winds will ease into the 10 to 20 km/h range on Tuesday night as temperatures fall to a low near 17°C with just a few clouds sticking around.

Temperatures will climb into the low 30s across much of the southern Prairies on Tuesday

A strong upper-level ridge building into the region will dominate the weather for the remainder of the week. This will bring sunny skies to Winnipeg on Wednesday with west-northwest winds increasing into the 20-30 km/h range. Winnipeg will see a high near 30°C, then see temperatures dip to a low near 16°C on Wednesday night.

Long Range Outlook

The remainder of the week looks hot with daytime highs in the in the low to mid-thirties. The hottest weather looks to arrive Friday-Saturday with daytime highs potentially reaching as high as 35°C.

The GDPS 850 mb temperature anomaly forecast shows a significantly warmer-than-seasoanal air mass in place over the Prairies by the weekend

Humidity levels will remain average, which will help things feel slightly more comfortable. There’s a low chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm over the coming days, but no real organized rain or thunderstorm threat exists until a low pressure system moves through on Sunday, bringing instability followed by more seasonal temperatures.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 26°C while the seasonal overnight low is 13°C.