Comment System Updated

Just a quick note to say that the comment system has been upgraded.  Unfortunately, this resulted in a loss of previous comments on this site.  However, there are some great new features that you may or may not have been aware of.  

First, you can login using a Disqus account or one of many other services you probably have an account to, including Facebook, Google,  Yahoo, Twitter or OpenID.  

Second, you can mention users in the thread or on Twitter through the use of the @ sign; i.e. you can insert a reference to me on Twitter by including @WeatherInThePeg in your comment.  If you do this, it will show up as a mention in a user’s Twitter feed.  

Lastly, you can now also attach images to your post as well; great if you want to share snaps of the weather!

I’m working on enabling comments when viewing the mobile version of this site as well.  These new features should help create an effective forum to communicate and chat about what’s happening!  Enjoy 🙂