Elsewhere in Weather News: April 6th, 2013

Historic Flooding in Argentina

Major cleanup efforts are underway in Argentina this weekend after major flooding occurred in the city of La Plata (pop. 250,000), just east of Buenos Aires. In some areas of La Plata, over 150mm fell in less than a 24 hour period causing for some flash flooding when the city’s sewers simply could not keep up. The reason for so much rain over one area can be attributed to a nearly stationary low pressure system over Argentina, south-west of Buenos Aires. Moist air from the South Atlantic was drawn in and the near stationary thunderstorms stayed over La Plata for over ten hours, beginning April 1st, lasting through April 2nd.

La Plata flooding

Aerial image of one of La Plata’s hardest hit areas. (Source: Reuters)

Flooding caused whole neighbourhoods to be submerged and people had to escape from their houses through the roof as floodwaters rose up to three feet. At one point, three million people were without power across Argentina because of the heavy rains. Some 2,200 residents of La Plata had to be evacuated. Unfortunately, 54 people have died from this event and there are still around 20 people missing. The property damage is extensive and is still being calculated but is likely to be in the hundreds of millions.

Elsewhere around the world:

  • There has also been severe flooding in Eastern China and Taiwan due a series of low pressure systems that brought heavy rain to an already saturated soil base.

  • This week will likely bring another multi-day, severe weather outbreak in the southern half of the US; from the Southern Plains into Dixie Alley, as a large trough digs across the region and warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico clashes with it.