Extreme Heat in Store for Monday; Will be Short-lived

Monday will bring Winnipeg fully into the tropical airmass that has been building to our south for the past several days.  As the upper ridge over the central United States continues to push north, Winnipeg and the rest of the RRV will want to break out the air conditioners.

A building upper ridge will continue to push north out of the United States into Southern Manitoba overnight and tomorrow.  After a very slight chance of rain or a thunderstorm in the morning, the temperature will soar into the low 30’s through much of Southern MB.  Dewpoints close to the SK border will be low enough to not warrant too much of an issue, but as you move east towards the RRV, positively tropical dewpoints of 22C to 25C will persist resulting in Humidex values reaching into the low 40’s.

Fortunately, unlike as was forecast in the long range models last week, there is a fairly consistent agreement that the hot weather will not last.  A large MCS is forecast to develop on Tuesday night in northeastern Montana, which will likely head west of Winnipeg, however for most of the day we will be clouded over with debris cloud from the system and have a chance of showers or thunderstorm.  Tuesday will still be muggy, however, with dewpoints still in the low 20’s.  With all the cloud, though, the temperature will only climb into the mid 20’s instead of the low 30’s.

After that a powerful impulse is forecast to sweep across the northern Prairies on Wed/Thur/Fri, which will bring Winnipeg into a drier air mass next week.

Thunderstorms on Tap for Southwestern Manitoba and The RRV

A trough line anchored to an upper low in central Saskatchewan will move across the Red River Valley tonight, bringing with it strong to severe thunderstorms.

As an upper low tracks eastward through Saskatchewan, an associated surface trough will slowly progress with it towards the SK/MB border. By late this afternoon, the trough line will be positioned from about Nipawin in central SK south towards Estevan, SK. Along with this feature, an upper wave will be moving into the area as well, with a 850mb cold front stacked on top of the surface trough by 21Z.

With the surface trough/upper cold front triggers in place, any storms that develop will have ample instability (SBCAPES of 1500 J/kg to 2000 J/kg alongside LIs of -6 to -9) as well as favorable wind profiles, with south to southeasterly surface winds veering to westerlies aloft. As well, a 40kt west-southwest jet will be poking into southern SK by late this afternoon.

Thunderstorm risk through 02Z August 7th

Thunderstorm Outlook for August 7th, 2010 valid until 00Z

What does this all add up to? Likely several strong storms with the outside chance of a severe storm in the Kamsack, Yorkton, Moosomin, Carlyle, Swan River, Dauphin, Minnedosa, Virden and Melita areas. These areas will likely see a series of strong thunderstorms develop this afternoon, with a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. The biggest risk from these will probably be large hail (maybe loonie to golf ball sized) and heavy rain. Should a storm develop supercell characteristics with a good southeasterly inflow, there is a slight chance that a tornado may develop.

As the sun sets, a 25kt 850mb jet will override the warm front in North Dakota and help develop a MCS that will move eastwards into the RRV late this evening into the overnight period. The biggest risk from these storms will be heavy rain.

After this noisy evening, Winnipeg and the RRV should be in for a nice day for the next couple of days with highs approaching or reaching the low 30’s before the weather cools off a bit mid-week with the upper ridge flattening out as a strong impulse enters the northern Prairies bringing some cloud and showers/thunderstorms into the southern Praries. There is a slight chance of an isolated thundershower on Sunday along the remnant trough line in the RRV.

Welcome to “The Future” of A Weather Moment

This blog has been languishing a bit as I haven’t had a lot of time to add any content to it. I have, however, been pondering about what I should do with it. After some reflection, I’ve made a decision. Winnipeg, MB is a great place for weather. Summer weather, winter weather, doesn’t matter.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff that goes on here and out of that has grown a fairly passionate and moderately educated group of enthusiasts who love to talk about the weather. Some of the popular weather discussions for Winnipeg include:

All these provide good insight into weather across Southern Manitoba and the Prairies. I feel that I sometimes have a different perspective and/or would like to reach a different group of people, so I’m going to throw my weather thoughts into the ring as well. I am a quasi-regular commenter on Rob’s Blog, and will probably include some of what he posts in my posts here to discuss them.

I hope to provide some insight that some may not have about the weather through original content and discussion of existing content as well. Posts will be weather-dependent, with roughly one a week, however should there be several active weather days across a week, the post count will increase.

Lastly, I am going to try to do one educational post per month, in the same vein as the existing content on my site. You can expect that on September 1st and will be relevant to upcoming weather at the time. I hope that I can provide another educated voice in the Winnipeg weather scene.