Pleasant Weekend Ahead…Enjoy It!

Winnipeg, along with the rest of Southern Manitoba, will enjoy a very pleasant weekend with temperatures climbing above 0°C over the next few days before a cold front sweeps through Southern Manitoba on Monday morning.

Foggy Winnipeg

A foggy morning in Winnipeg; submitted by JJ.

Winnipeg and the Red River Valley will enjoy a beautiful weekend with most cloud clearing out by this afternoon. Daytime highs will continue to climb over the next three days, with highs climbing to near 1 to 2°C today and Saturday, and getting up to nearly 4°C on Sunday.

Our warm temperatures, combined with light winds forecast for tonight means that fog will likely redevelop through many areas in the RRV; if it makes a return tonight, it will be the fourth night in a row with fog in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Winds are forecast to increase through the night on Saturday night to 10-15km/h which should be enough to prevent fog from forming again.

Sunday Morning Prognosis

Analysis of the 72h prognosis from the GEM-Global, valid 12Z Sunday morning. Warm fronts and cold fronts are represented by red and blue lines, respectively.

The next change in the weather will be coming on Monday morning to Southern Manitoba. Through the weekend, a powerful low pressure system will track through the NWT into the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. This system will shift the large-scale pattern over the center of the continent and will allow arctic air that has been trapped unusually far north over the past couple weeks to spill southwards across the Eastern Prairies. The cold front will sweep across Manitoba on Sunday and push through Winnipeg by Monday morning.

This will bring brisk northerly winds to us for Monday and temperatures that gradually fall through the day. Currently it looks like we could see temperatures as low as -26°C on monday night into tuesday morning. Very little moisture is associated with this system, and current indications are that there will be very little or no snow with the passage of the cold front. Temperatures will be a little below normal on Tuesday and Wednesday, with daytime highs a little below -10°C.


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