Wintery Mix of Snow, Freezing Rain, and Rain Possible on Sunday in Southern Manitoba

A slow-changing weather pattern over Winnipeg will continue to bring daytime highs near the freezing mark and mixed to cloudy skies. By Sunday, though, an approaching low could bring a wintery mix of snow, rain, and freezing rain to southern Manitoba.

RDPS 2m Temperature Forecast valid 21Z Sunday November 5, 2023
Temperatures will hover near or above the freezing mark over the next few days.

Today will start with some cloud moving through the Red River Valley as a weak front slumps into the region. In its wake, light northerly winds will accompany clearing skies. Some cloud will persist through the day as lake-effect flurries stream off lakes Manitoba and Winnipeg, but the wind direction should favour them flanking Winnipeg rather than moving through the city.

Temperatures will climb up to a high around 0 °C today, then dip to a low in the -5 to -10 °C range tonight.

Heading into the weekend, warmer air will attempt to build into the region. Rather than seeing any notable warm-up, as it often is this time of year, the region instead will be blanketed in cloud. Winds will shift southerly and ease further on Saturday with cloudy skies in the Red River Valley. The remnants of a collapsing low pressure system could bring some light snow to the region on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday night, a low pressure system developing in Alberta will eject eastwards across Saskatchewan. Winds in the Red River Valley will shift eastwards overnight in response along with a low chance of some light snow. Temperatures will only drop a few degrees from Saturday’s daytime high.

On Sunday, a wintery mix of precipitation will push into Manitoba ahead of the approaching low in Saskatchewan. The day will likely start with some rain and/or freezing rain spreading through southern Manitoba while snow pushes through the Parkland into the Interlake. As the day progresses, the freezing rain will diminish while the rain/snow line lifts northwards. Daytime highs should reach around +2 °C on Sunday afternoon.

RDPS Forecast Precipitation Type/Rate valid 18Z Sunday November 5, 2023
Southern Manitoba may see a wintery mix of precipitation on Sunday, including freezing rain.

By the end of the day, the low centre will cross through the Red River Valley, followed by northerly winds and the rain/snow line collapsing southwards as the precipitation tapers off overnight. The freezing rain potential in southern Manitoba will largely be confined to the morning, and while conditions could be poor while it’s occurring, the subsequent climb above freezing with temperatures should limit the longevity of its impact. If you have plans to travel on Sunday morning, be prepared for adverse travel conditions and be sure to check highway conditions before leaving.

Long Range Outlook

Temperatures will stay comparatively mild next week with daytime highs likely creeping to the positive side of freezing through the week. Some flurries will be possible, but the next organized precipitation event will likely be with a low pressure complex moving through the region mid-week.

This system could bring another wintery mix of precipitation to southern Manitoba as it passes through.

Don’t expect to see the sun too much; skies will be mainly cloudy this week. Some more organized sunshine could begin to move back into the region in the latter half of the week.

Today’s seasonal daytime high in Winnipeg is +3 °C while the seasonal overnight low is -6 °C.

Warmer Weather Moves Into Southern Manitoba

Springtime is on the way to southern Manitoba, but will also bring a wintry mix of precipitation on Tuesday evening.

RDPS Forecast Precipitation Type valid 06Z Wednesday March 16, 2022
A mix of rain, freezing rain, and snow will move east across southern Manitoba on Tuesday night.

The the polar vortex retreating into the High Arctic, milder Pacific air has begun to flood across the Prairies. Temperatures climbed above freezing across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan yesterday, and will continue into southern Manitoba today.

Temperatures will warm across southern Manitoba today, but the snowpack will limit highs to within a couple degrees above freezing. An approaching low pressure system will provide more cloud to the region today, followed by precipitation this evening.

Southern Manitoba will see a wintery mix of precipitation tonight. Rain is likely along and south of the Trans-Canada Highway corridor. North of that, freezing rain will fall through the Parkland and southern Interlake areas. And north of that, snow will cross through Swan River and the northern Interlake. Precipitation types will also mix along the boundaries, making for a bit of a mess in some areas.

In Winnipeg, 3–5 mm of rain seems most likely. When combined with the above-zero temperatures, this will work towards beginning to chip away at the snowpack in the area.

The precipitation will move out of the region early Wednesday, leaving behind cloudy skies, light winds, and temperatures hovering a degree or two above freezing. A cool front will sweep through on Wednesday evening bringing a few flurries to the region.

RDPS 2m Temperature Forecast valid 21Z Thursday March 17, 2022
Temperatures will struggle to climb much above 0 °C over the deep snowpack over the south-central and southeastern Prairies.

Mixed to cloudy skies will stick around for the rest of the work week. Daytime highs will climb a couple degrees above freezing while overnight lows dip below.

Long Range Outlook

Warm weather will continue through the weekend with highs above freezing and variable cloudiness. This week should provide conditions favourable for a gradual snowmelt with dew point temperatures largely staying below the freezing mark and temperatures largely hovering just a bit above freezing.

Today’s seasonal daytime high in Winnipeg is -1 °C while the seasonal overnight low is -11 °C.

Warm Week Ahead For Winnipeg To Bring A Wintery Mix

Early-season winter warmth will continue in Winnipeg, bringing pleasant conditions along with a mid-week wintery mix.

RDPS 2m Temperature Forecast valid 21Z Tuesday November 30, 2021
More early-winter warmth will spread across the southern Prairies this week.

A series of low pressure systems will cross the Prairies this week, spreading more mild air into the region. As a result, Winnipeg will continue to see seasonably warm this week. Daytime highs will sit in the -5 to 0 °C range, but Wednesday will bring temperatures above zero into the low to mid-single digits. Lows will also follow suit, staying several well above the seasonal normals.

The first low pressure system will begin moving into Alberta later today, pushing a warm front eastwards into southern Manitoba. This will spread an area of light snow into western Manitoba this afternoon that will move into the Red River Valley this evening. This system will produce a couple centimetres of snow as it moves through the region.

Alongside this, though, will come another risk of freezing rain. The risk will begin Tuesday afternoon in western and southwestern Manitoba. It will then spread into the Red River Valley overnight into Wednesday morning. The greatest threat for ice accumulation is over southwestern Manitoba, but slippery conditions will be possible throughout the risk area.

NAM Total Accumulated Freezing Rain Forecast valid 18Z Wednesday December 1, 2021
Although forecast models are outlining two areas of freezing rain on Tuesday/Wednesday, the risk will extend across much of southern and southwestern Manitoba.

Sunshine will be a relatively rare commodity over the coming week. Today will start off with plenty of sun, but once the cloud arrives later in the day, it’ll stick around through Thursday. A few sunny breaks are possible then, but no widespread clearing trend is likely until the end of the week.

Winds will be variable through the first half of the week, but a cold front passing through the region on Wednesday evening will usher in northwesterly winds near 40 km/h that should ease to light by Thursday morning.

A few more flurries will be possible Thursday night into Friday as another low pressure system crosses the province.

Long Range Outlook

Cooler air will filter into the region this weekend and send daytime highs into the -5 to -10 °C range. This shift in temperatures is forecast to persist into next week with near-seasonal overnight lows. Some more light snow is possible Saturday evening into Sunday, then again on Monday night.

Today’s seasonal daytime high in Winnipeg is -6 °C while the seasonal overnight low is -15 °C.

More Warm Weather On The Way

Temperatures will soar well above seasonal values in Winnipeg as a flood of mild Pacific air washes over the southern Prairies.

A warm front pushing eastwards across the Red River Valley this morning will bring above-seasonal temperatures back to Winnipeg today. To start the day, Winnipeg may see a few flurries as the warm front pushes into the region. Once the front leaves, Winnipeg will see mixed skies with light southerly winds. Temperatures will climb to around -10°C by lunch and then inch towards a high of -8°C in the afternoon. Skies will cloud back over tonight as another warm front pushes into the region. This front will bring a chance of some light snow – and a risk of freezing rain – to the region late overnight into early Thursday morning. Temperatures will continue to rise overnight to around -2°C by morning.

Thursday will bring mainly cloudy skies to Winnipeg and the Red River Valley as a mild Pacific air mass spreads over the region. Temperatures will continue to climb to a high near 0°C with southwesterly winds of 20 to 30 km/h. Thursday night will bring mixed skies with a low near -5°C.

Temperatures will climb to near- or above-freezing across much of southern Manitoba on Thursday
Temperatures will climb to near- or above-freezing across much of southern Manitoba on Thursday

On Friday, the region should see plenty more cloud as temperatures once again climb to around 0°C. A low pressure system moving through the Interlake will bring southwesterly winds of 20 to 30 km/h to the Red River Valley on Friday afternoon. Winds will shift northwesterly on Friday night as temperatures dip to a low near -5°C.

Long Range Outlook

Temperatures will remain mild this weekend with daytime highs in mid-minus single digits. Sunday and Monday may bring a chance for some light snow as a larger low pressure system develops and moves through the region. Slightly above-seasonal temperatures will continue into the middle of next week with variable cloudiness.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently -13°C while the seasonal overnight low is -23°C.