Variable Cloudiness, Light Snow Ahead For the Weekend

Southern Manitoba will see variable cloudiness over the next 3 days alongside some light snow on Saturday.

Winnipeg will see mixed skies today as cloud cover moves in ahead of a low pressure moving across Saskatchewan. Temperatures will reach a high near -4°C with winds increasing out of the southeast to 15-20 km/h. As the low moves into the province overnight skies will cloud over with non-accumulating light snow1 spreading across the region. Temperatures will dip to a low near -9°C.

Saturday will bring more light snow to Winnipeg for much of the day as winds become calm and temperatures climb to a high near 0°C. The snow will taper off as the cloud cover begins to break up Saturday night. By the time all is said and done a couple cm of snow may have fallen, but generally speaking, amounts look fairly light. The overnight low is forecast to dip to about -8°C.

Temperatures will climb towards the freezing mark in the Red River Valley on Saturday

Winnipeg will see the sun poke out again on Sunday as the cloud cover from Saturday’s system slowly mixes out. Temperatures should reach a high near -1°C, but a ridge of high pressure moving in behind Saturday’s low will bring cooler overnight lows back to the region. Winnipeg will likely see a low near -12 to -15°C on Sunday night under clear skies.

Long Range Outlook

Next week is looking pretty quiet with variable cloudiness and near-seasonal temperatures. No news is good news, right?

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently -3°C while the seasonal overnight low is -13°C.

  1. The snowfall will leave a dusting, not amounting to anything particularly notable or measurable.


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