Decent Start to the Week

The weather to start this week will be decent, with normal to above-normal temperatures expected. However, some change is in store closer to the middle of the week.

A strong low pressure system will move through Southern Manitoba this week

A strong low pressure system will move through Southern Manitoba this week, pulling down cooler air from the north

Monday will be a fairly good, albeit cloudy day. Temperatures will be in the low teens in the Red River Valley, with perhaps a couple of light showers in the afternoon. These showers are expected to develop ahead of a trough that will move through the Red River Valley during the day. Further west, in portions of south-western Manitoba, temperature should climb up around the 20C mark as sunnier conditions prevail. Tuesday looks to be the warmest day of the week, with highs close to 20C possible in the Red River Valley. Unfortunately that is where nice weather ends.

A powerful low pressure system will slide through Manitoba on Wednesday, bringing some rain and changing weather with it. Temperatures on Wednesday will remain near normal at around 10C with gusty west to north-westerly winds developing behind the low pressure system. On Thursday the system’s passage will be felt more noticeably as temperatures drop back down into the mid single digits and gusty north winds make for a chilly day.

There is some uncertainty in the forecast for late week into the weekend. Models currently suggest that another strong low pressure system may move through Manitoba, but the timing and strength of this system are not clear. This is what the end of the week will probably look like, but as we all know models like to change their solutions from time to time.


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