Elsewhere in Weather News: June 8th, 2013

Severe Flooding in Europe

Major flooding has swept across central parts of Europe where Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic have all experienced crippling flooding this past week due to extreme rainfall. Amounts of 75mm were widespread across that part of the continent, and near the Alps, significantly higher amounts of precipitation were observed (some as snowfall at higher elevations). A few reports of 150-200cm of snow were recorded in Austria and Germany at high elevations.


Severe flooding in Passau, Germany where the Danube easily overflowed its banks. (Source: AFP)

Rivers such as the Danube and Elbe have reached levels last attained 11 years ago and are threatening or have already breached sandbag dikes in some areas. Over 300,000 sandbags and counting have been prepared and put in place to prevent both rivers from overflowing their banks. The threat of a flood has forced residents out of their homes – as many as 40,000 people have been forced to move away from the nearby dikes and up to higher ground. The flooding upstream also has residents in Hungary, especially Budapest, worried as the Danube River has not crested yet but is expected to reach its peak later this weekend. Dikes there are expected to hold if the current crest projection is correct; it is believed the crest will be about a foot below maximum capacity.

Unfortunately 17 people have already lost their lives to the rapidly rising floodwaters and damage estimates top the 15 billion mark. Crop damage is widespread across Germany where over 250,000 hectares have been flooded out.

The forecast for central Europe calls for some rain on Sunday, associated with a trough but these showers will be nothing near as significant as what was experienced last week.


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