Mixed Bag Ahead

A bit of a grab bag of unexceptional weather is on it’s way for Winnipeg and the Red River Valley as the cold air’s grip loosens ever so slightly before returning to the region, bringing flurries with it.

-18°C / -25°C
Mixed skies; chance of flurries.

-12°C / -20°C
Warmer; cloudy end to the day with some flurries.

-14°C / -23°C
Mixed skies; chance of flurries.

We’ll see mixed skies today as patchy low cloud continues to stream southwards out of the Arctic across the Prairies. Any of this cloud has the slight chance of producing some fairly insignificant flurries. Our temperature will remain cool today with a high of around -18°C and will drop to around -25°C tonight.

Tomorrow will bring warmer weather as a fairly strong low pressure system moving over Southampton Island manages to push some slightly milder air through the Northern Prairies and southeastwards into Southern Manitoba. We’ll see temperatures climb up to a near-normal high of -12°C or so with mixed skies before the clouds thicken up through the afternoon and some flurries slide into the Red River Valley and southeastern Manitoba. No significant accumulations are expected.

Friday will bring mixed skies once again with a chance of scattered light flurries. Temperatures will only cool off slightly thanks to the cloud cover and we’ll see a high of around -15 or -14°C. Temperatures will drop off to around -23°C or so overnight under mainly clear skies.

Continued Below-Normal Temperatures

The NAEFS 8-14 day temperature outlook is beginning to show signs of near-normal temperatures returning.
The NAEFS 8-14 day temperature outlook is beginning to show signs of near-normal temperatures returning.

Unfortunately, it’s still looking like below-normal temperatures[1] will persist through Southern Manitoba for at least the next week or two. A persistent northerly/northwesterly flow is showing no signs at all of breaking down and will continually reinforce the Arctic air in our region, maintaining the cool weather. While we may see short-lived near-normal breaks, the overall trend will be decidedly cool through the next two weeks. No significant snowfall events are expected through the next week.

Once we hit the 1.5 to 2 week mark, though, things are starting to look like they might begin to moderate a little bit and we might climb a lot closer to normal for mid-February. Any warm-up would likely mean a return to snowier weather as well, so we may see a stormier end to the month than we’ll see through the first half.

  1. The normal daytime high at this time of year in Winnipeg is -10°C. The normal overnight low is -21°C.  ↩


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