Pleasant Monday, but Change is Coming

Monday will be a pleasant day in southern Manitoba, with slightly above seasonal temperatures and light winds. However, change is on the way for Tuesday and Wednesday as a strong low pressure system approaches the region.

A low pressure system will bring rain to southern Manitoba on Tuesday and Wednesday
A low pressure system will bring rain to southern Manitoba on Tuesday and Wednesday


Today will be a nice day in southern Manitoba. Temperatures will be in the upper single digits under mainly sunny skies and light winds. There may be some low cloud in the morning, but it should dissipate by the afternoon. Enjoy today, because the rest of the week won’t be quite so pleasant!


A low pressure system will move into southern Manitoba on Tuesday, bringing with it some light rainfall. Accumulations aren’t expected to be large, probably only 2-4 mm in the Red River Valley. Winds will be from the south-east at 30km/h gusting to 50km/h.


Tuesday’s system will stick around on Wednesday, bringing more rainfall to southern Manitoba. Additional accumulations of 5-10 mm look probable at this point, although it’s too early to make any firm predictions. The wind will make it feel quite unpleasant, with speeds of 40km/h gusting to 60km/h.

Long Range

The long range forecast continues to suggest a generally above-normal trend as we move into November. There will likely be a fair amount of variability in the weather as we continue moving deeper into fall, but that is not abnormal for this time of year. The interesting thing to watch moving forward will be the impact of El Nino on our weather. Typically, the effects of El Nino become stronger as we move into winter, so we will see if that is what happens this year.


Scott grew up in Steinbach, Manitoba and joined A Weather Moment in January of 2012. Prior to his involvement with AWM he operated a website called Steinbach Weather, from 2007 until 2011. Steinbach Weather had many similarities to AWM, making for a smooth transition to his new meteorological home. Scott currently writes the Monday morning at AWM and also contributes to some of the unique products available at AWM, including the Manitoba Mesonet. Scott holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physical Geography from the University of Manitoba, with specialization in Atmospheric Science. He is currently working on a Master's Degree at the University of Manitoba, with a focus on elevated convection.

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