Cooler Temperatures with Variable Cloudiness Ahead

Winnipeg will see below-seasonal temperatures alongside variable cloudiness to start the week as a series of Arctic highs move through the Prairies.

Winnipeg will see mainly cloudy skies today as a weak disturbance moves through the region. The city will see a chance of more drizzle this morning. By midday the potential for drizzle will taper off, leaving Winnipeg with mostly cloudy skies. Winds will remain light through the day with a high near 12°C. The cloud cover should begin to break up overnight as temperatures head to a low near 5°C.

Unstable, saturated low-levels will bring the chance of drizzle to Winnipeg on Monday morning.
Unstable, saturated low-levels will bring the chance of drizzle to Winnipeg on Monday morning.

Tuesday will bring slightly warmer temperatures, but they will still fall short of seasonal values. Under partly cloudy to mixed skies, the temperature in Winnipeg will climb to a high near 15°C. Like Monday, the northerly winds will remain light. Skies will cloud over Tuesday night with a slight chance of showers as temperatures head to a low near 6°C.

Wednesday will bring mixed to mostly cloudy skies as Winnipeg finds itself between a weak upper-level disturbance to the south an Arctic high moving through central Manitoba. Temperatures will climb up to a high near 14°C with light winds continuing out of the north. Skies will remain mostly cloudy on Wednesday night ahead of the next low pressure system that will impact the region. Temperatures will head to a low near 6°C again.

Long Range Outlook

The second half of the week may to bring a return to unsettled conditions. A potent low pressure system developing over the United States is forecast to push into northern Minnesota on Thursday, spreading an area of rain across southern Manitoba. Early indications suggest that significant accumulations of 15 to 40 mm are possible with this system under its heaviest rain bands. It should move out for the end of the week, but cool temperatures are forecast to remain right through the weekend.

Winnipeg’s seasonal daytime high is currently 18°C while the seasonal overnight low is 6°C.


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