Rain Ends and Summer Returns

Rain will taper off today in Winnipeg and after one cool night, summer heat will begin pushing back into the region.

Winnipeg managed to miss out on the heaviest rainfall expected with this system. Rather than stalling near the city, the rain—and associated deformation zone—ended up continuing to rotate northwest of the city. As the low responsible for the unsettled conditions exits the province, that band of rain will push eastwards and move back across the Red River Valley this morning. Winnipeg will see a few more showers as it moves through that taper off midday. Moderate northwesterly winds near 30 gusting 50 km/h will develop this morning and last until the evening. The cloud cover should begin to break up through the afternoon with clearing arriving late in the afternoon or early evening.

A ridge of high pressure moving through tonight will bring cool conditions with temperatures heading to a low near +4°C.

Fortunes change on Saturday as a warm front pushes eastwards through the province. Some morning cloud will give way to mixed skies for the afternoon with a southerly wind of 20 to 30 km/h developing. Some forecast models suggest a chance of showers midday as the warm front passes, but it doesn’t look particularly likely. Temperatures will climb to seasonably mild high near 21°C. Skies will stay partly cloudy on Saturday night with light southerly winds and a low near 11°C.

Milder temperatures near 20°C will return to southern Manitoba on Saturday.
Milder temperatures near 20°C will return to southern Manitoba on Saturday.

Warm air will continue to stream northwards on Sunday, bringing summer heat back into the region. Winnipeg will see partly cloudy skies as temperatures head to a high near 25°C. Humidity will begin to work back into the region late in the day, helping keep overnight lows warmer near 15°C.

Long Range Outlook

Next week will kick off with even more heat and humidity as Winnipeg’s daytime highs climb into the upper 20s. Multiple days of southerly winds will bring humidity back into the region, producing humidex values in the low 30s and overnight lows in the upper teens.

Today’s seasonal daytime high in Winnipeg is 21°C while the seasonal overnight low is 7°C.



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