Unsettled Weather to Continue

This week will continue to be unsettled weather-wise. It appears that we will see the chance for rain virtually every day for the next several days.

A trough of low pressure over the Prairies

A trough of low pressure over the Prairies (the jet stream is in blue)

A trough of low pressure sitting over the Prairie provinces will be responsible for our unsettled weather over the coming days. This trough is created due to the fact that the jet stream will be to our south, allowing cooler air from the north to spill down into lower latitudes. As weather systems track along the jet stream they will create chances for rain in Southern Manitoba. It appears that rain is a possibility on every day from Monday through Thursday. At this time it looks as though rainfall amounts on Monday and Tuesday will be fairly light, if it rains in your location at all, but the precipitation forecast for later in the week is less clear.

Due to the cloudy and potentially wet conditions expected on Monday and Tuesday, temperatures won’t be very warm. Highs on Monday will generally be in the high teens over Southern Manitoba, except for border regions and parts of south-eastern Manitoba where temperatures should be closer to twenty degrees. Tuesday is likewise expected to remain cool, with highs in the mid to upper teens expected. Temperatures on Wednesday will be governed by when and if it rains, but it doesn’t look like it will be warmer than twenty for midweek (if it indeed gets that warm at all).

Too much uncertainty exists in the forecast at this point to talk about the weather much beyond Wednesday. However, at this time it doesn’t appear that we will be going back into a prolonged spell of nice weather in the short-term.



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