Chilly Week Ahead

This week will be a cool one, though we should avoid really frightening weather.

Predicted temperatures on Monday Afternoon
Predicted temperatures on Monday Afternoon

Monday and Tuesday


Mix of Sun and Cloud
0°C / -5°C

Mainly Sunny
2°C / -6°C

The weather today and tomorrow will be fairly similar. A surface ridge of high pressure will bring light winds and cool temperatures to Southern Manitoba. High temperatures will be in the low single digits and lows will be below zero. No notable precipitation is expected.



Mainly Sunny
5°C / -8°C

Wednesday will see little change from Tuesday. Temperatures will once again be in the single digits, but it will be a bit windier than Monday and Tuesday. Again, no notable precipitation is expected.

Late Week

The late week weather will continue to be on the cool side. Temperatures will remain in the single digits and no significant precipitation is expected.

Stuck In A Cool Pattern

A high-ampltude jet stream is bringing unseasonable weather to much of Canada.

A high amplitude jet stream is bringing unseasonable weather to much of Canada.

Temperatures will remain fairly cool through the next few days as Southern Manitoba remains entrenched in a pattern that has the jet stream diving through Saskatchewan well to our south, trapping cooler air over the area. In addition, snow will enter the picture as snow squalls batter areas in the lee of the lakes – in particular Lake Winnipeg – and a weak disturbance slides down from the North and brings flurry activity to many regions tonight.



Mainly cloudy. Chance of flurries in the afternoon.

Through much of the Red River Valley today we’ll see mainly cloudy skies – perhaps with a sunny break or two – with the weather pattern being dominated by snow squalls coming off the lakes. While some squall activity is expected off of Lake Manitoba, with a band of snow extending SSE from the lake positioned between Portage la Prairie and Elie. More vigorous activity is expected off of Lake Winnipeg, where cooler air aloft will combine with favourable winds which will bring air not just over the South Basin, but over the North Basin as well. The cooler air aloft coupled with the air being over water for longer will combine to produce vigorous convection that will push SSE off the lake into areas around Beausejour and east.

The snow has the potential to be very heavy, producing near-whiteout conditions and rapid snowfall accumulation. Fortunately it will be confined to a fairly narrow corridor in the lee of the lake, but if you are expecting to travel east towards the Whiteshell today, you should be prepared for potentially encountering treacherous winter driving conditions.

Wednesday Night

Light snow beginning in the evening.

Embedded above these local features will be a weak frontal wave sliding southwards along the baroclinic zone that is dividing the Prairies. This weak wave will bring light snow activity to the Interlake through the daytime today, pushing southwards and entering the northern Red River Valley by late in the afternoon or early evening hours. This light snow will push all the way south to the US border through the evening and persist through much of the night. No significant accumulation is expected from this system, although if it ends up intense enough then its possible some areas may awake to a cm or two on Thursday morning.

High temperatures will be around 2–3°C today throughout the Red River Valley while the ample cloud cover and light snow will limit our overnight lows to just around –2°C.

Thursday & Friday


4°C / -4°C
A mix of sun and cloud; chance of flurries in the morning.

7°C / 0°C
Sunny becoming a mix of sun and clouds. Chance of showers.

Thursday will bring a mix of sun and cloud as the cloud from the overnight snow clears out but ample low cloud continues to flow off the lakes. There will be a chance of flurries in the morning as the overnight disturbance leaves the province, but little is expected otherwise. Some light snow may fall out of any clouds that wander through Winnipeg in the afternoon, but it would likely be exceptionally light if that were to happen.

Overall it will be a relatively nice, albeit cool, day. We’ll drop down to around –4°C under partly cloudy skies on Thursday night.

Friday will start with relatively clear skies but we’ll see things become more mixed as the day progresses. A significant low pressure system will be pushing through Northern Manitoba into NW Ontario dragging warm air with it across the Prairies; we’ll see southwesterly winds of 20–30km/h bring warmer air into the region as we head to a seasonal high of 7°C. There will be a chance of showers here in Winnipeg, although we look to be on the periphery of the system with the bulk of the precipitation falling through the Interlake into Southeast Manitoba. Friday night will bring partly cloudy skies and a low of about 0°C.

A Chill in the Air

There will be a noticeable chill in the air this week as we begin to see hints of the season to come.

Cool temperatures are expected in Southern Manitoba on Monday

Cool temperatures are expected in Southern Manitoba on Monday.



Mainly cloudy. Chance of Flurries.
2°C / -4°C

Today will be one of the coolest days we’ve seen in quite some time. High temperatures will be in the low single digits with a north-westerly wind. We may also see some scattered flurries during the day. These flurries are not expected to amount to anything, but that probably won’t make their presence any more welcome! On the whole it won’t be a very pleasant start to the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday


Mix of Sun and Cloud. Slight Chance of Flurries.
3°C / -4°C

Mainly cloudy. Chance of Flurries.
4°C / -6°C

Tuesday and Wednesday will be very similar days. High temperatures will be in the low to mid single digits with the wind once again being from the north-west. There may also be some scattered showers or flurries, but accumulations will be minimal. Hopefully above-zero temperatures and a lack of additional snow will allow for the weekend’s snowfall over south-western Manitoba to melt.

Snow on the Weekend

Snow fell in Southern Manitoba over the Weekend

Snow fell in Southern Manitoba over the Weekend

A bit of snow fell this past weekend in parts of southern Manitoba. In particular, south-western sections of the province received 2-5cm of snow, with Oak Lake reportedly getting 7.5cm. There was also snow south of the border in parts of North Dakota. Accumulations down there were very similar to those seen in Manitoba, with amounts of 2-5cm noted (1-2 inches). Thankfully, there will be no additional accumulating snow in the short-range.

Long Range

The weather through the late week period looks to remain cool. Models currently suggest that temperatures will remain in the single digits. There may be more chances for snow as we move toward the weekend.

Uneventful and Cooler End to the Work Week

A strong low pressure system located to our south-east, in the Northern US Plains, is expected to bring the Dakotas their first snowfall accumulation for the 2013-2014 winter season but will only clip portions of extreme south-east Manitoba.

US Plains low

Low pressure system affecting Northern Plains depicted here for 4PM CDT today. It will keep us cool and cloudy for most of the afternoon/evening.



8°C / 1°C
Becoming overcast early on in the day.

Today, temperatures will be slightly on the cool side. The strong system aforementioned will be drawing in cooler air from the north into southern Manitoba. Models are in agreement that rain and snow will stay out of Winnipeg, though there is a slight chance that regions in extreme south-east Manitoba get some showers Friday evening. Winnipeg can expect to see a high near the 8°C mark with increasing cloudiness throughout the day. In the afternoon and evening winds will be stronger 20km/h gusting to 40km/h coming out of the north. It will be a notably chilly day; our high will be some 7-8°C below normal for this time of year. West of the Red River Valley will be even chillier with highs only expected in the mid-single digits. For Friday night, there is a small chance of frost in Winnipeg but areas more at risk lie to the west of the city.



10°C / -1°C
Mainly sunny.

Saturday looks to be a nicer day, compared to today; mostly sunny skies combined with slightly higher temperatures around 10°C. The only potential downfall looks to be the wind which will still be fairly strong in the afternoon: 20-30km/h from the north before it dies down in the evening. Saturday night will be a chilly one with high pressure in our region, light winds and clear skies for the most part; Winnipeg has a good chance at seeing some frost.

Sunday & Beyond


13°C / 4°C
Mainly sunny, a few stray clouds.

The weekend looks to end on a good note with mainly sunny conditions under more of a westerly flow. Highs in the low to mid-teens can be expected for southern Manitoba. Winnipeg looks to see a return to seasonal temperatures with a high of around 13°C weaker winds than the past few days.

For the beginning of the next work week temperatures appear to stay near normal as high pressure moves in. As the high pressure system moves east, a return flow will likely bring in some warmer, above normal, temperatures to the Red River Valley by Tuesday.