Cool Start with a Quick Recovery

After a stretch of summer weather last week that saw daytime highs climbing into the mid-to-upper 20’s, cooler weather has moved into Southern Manitoba behind the weekend’s cold fronts that will start the week off with cooler weather. Temperatures will rebound quickly through what will be a dry & quiet start to the week before things turn more unsettled through the week’s second half.

Today will be the coolest day of the next few with temperatures climbing to just 17 or 18°C as the main axis of cold air behind the weekend’s cold fronts moves across Southern Manitoba. There will be a bit of morning drizzle, but then things should scatter out nicely and Winnipeg will be left with partly cloudy skies through much of the remainder of the day. Winds will be out of the north at around 20 km/h. The clouds will clear out tonight and much of the Red River Valley will see a low near 9°C with light winds.

Tomorrow will bring warmer air to the region; daytime highs will be around 5°C warmer than today at the 22–23°C mark. Winds will be light. The day will start sunny, but by the afternoon cloud associated with a weather system moving through North Dakota will spill across the Red River Valley bringing variable cloudiness; in the southern valley it will be overcast through much of the afternoon while further north in Winnipeg it will be a little more variable and a bit later in arriving. Skies will clear overnight as the temperature drops to around 12°C.

Forecast 850mb Temperatures for Wednesday Morning
A warm front moving through on Wednesday morning will bring warmer weather back to Winnipeg.

Wednesday will see warm weather return with daytime highs climbing back to the mid–20’s with just a few clouds. Winds will continue to be fairly light, making for a very pleasant day. We’ll see some cloudiness on Wednesday night with a chance of showers. The temperature will drop just below 10°C or so.

Unsettled Second Half of the Week

Cooler, more unsettled weather will move into the Red River Valley for the second half of the week. Temperatures will drop back into the high teens or low 20’s with an increasing chance of shower activity towards the end of the week. There’s still a fair amount of uncertainty in location, but in general it looks like Thursday will see the shower activity west of the Red River Valley and see it push eastwards for Friday into the weekend. Like this past weekend, it likely won’t be a rainy weekend, but rather one with some chances for periods of wet weather.


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