Uneven Start and a Clean Finish to the Weekend

Unsettled weather will mark the start of the last weekend of July, but conditions will improve for a rather pleasant end and persist into a fairly dry and seasonal start to next week.

Friday: Thunderstorms Possible

25°C / 15°C
Chance of showers or thunderstorms

Today is off to a cloudy start with a few showers likely through the Red River Valley[1] as the remnants of the overnight activity push off to our east. Skies will remain mostly cloudy until the cold front that brought copious amounts of severe weather to Saskatchewan yesterday pushes through the Red River Valley early this afternoon.

As that cold front moves eastwards, it’s likely that more thunderstorms will fire up along it. Dewpoints in the upper teens will combine with daytime highs in the mid–20’s to produce MUCAPE values as high as 2000J/kg ahead of the front. Shear will be marginal with only around 25–30kt of surface-to–500mb bulk shear and the vertical wind profile isn’t particularly favourable for severe weather. The cold front will be enough of a trigger, although it will be weaker than yesterday and not offer nearly as much forcing as it did then.

As a result, thunderstorms will likely fire up somewhere in the central or eastern Red River Valley and push into the Whiteshell and far SE Manitoba this afternoon. At this point it doesn’t look like there will be an organized severe weather threat, but we’ll be taking a look a little later this morning to assess whether or not the severe threat needs upgrading.

The HRRR forecast shows a line of showers and thunderstorms pushing eastwards along the cold front this morning.
The HRRR forecast shows a line of showers and thunderstorms pushing eastwards along the cold front this morning.

Other than the storms, the day will be pleasant. Before the cold front passes the Red River Valley will be under a relatively light southerly or southeasterly wind. It will be fairly humid and temperatures in the low 20’s until the passage of the front, after which westerly winds at 30–40km/h bring in much drier air. The afternoon sunshine should help our daytime high climb to around 25°C.

Temperatures will drop to around 14°C under clear skies and light winds tonight.

Showery Saturday

24°C / 13°C
Mainly cloudy with widespread showers

Tomorrow will be the least pleasant day of the next few. A strong upper-level low will slide across Southern Manitoba through the day, producing widespread showers underneath it. There may be a few isolated thunderstorms, but for the most part most areas in Southern Manitoba will be seeing a fairly wet day. Winds will generally be 20–30km/h through much of the day, shifting from southwesterly or westerly to northerly through the day and overnight.

Skies will begin to clear overnight as the temperature drops to around 13°C.

Sunny Sunday

24°C / 13°C
Mainly sunny

Sunday will likely start off with some low cloud trapped in the boundary layer making for mixed to mostly cloudy skies. As the temperature rises through the morning, the clouds will gradually break up leading to a mainly sunny afternoon with some scattered clouds. Highs will be around the 24–25°C mark and temperatures will drop to around 13°C once again on Sunday night.

This pleasant weather will continue through the first half of next week. Another strong ridge is forecast to build into BC/Alberta, which will keep temperatures seasonal[2] and the weather dry.

  1. Full discretion: I’m writing this on Thursday evening, and still unsure on how much of Thursday night’s convective activity will survive to the Red River Valley.  ↩
  2. Seasonal highs in Winnipeg right now are around 26°C. Seasonal lows are around 13°C.  ↩


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